The Retirement Corporation of America


At The Retirement Corporation of America® ("RCA"), we adhere to a carefully monitored system of checks and balances to help ensure that your retirement assets are cared for properly. This system includes a process of internal compliance at the RCA that involves daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual compliance reviews.

Each day, all client investment trades are audited for accuracy and completion.

Each week, all client accounts are reviewed to make certain they comply with the stated acceptable range outlined in a personalized document called the Investment Policy Statement.

Each month, performance for each client portfolio is updated to determine how closely the results are tracking to a specified performance benchmark.

Each quarter, complete, easy-to-read customer portfolio performance reports are compiled and delivered.

Each year, a meeting is held with each client to review portfolio performance and client service results. We also use this meeting to review and update any significant changes our clients would like to make to their investment objective, income requirements and overall risk profile.  Clients are encouraged to notify us immediately of any changes happening throughout the year.

In addition, the following compliance procedures are in place:

YOU (the client) receive online reports and can compare your results to the benchmark.

RCA screens over 8,000 mutual fund managers searching to continuously find and update our group of Money Masters.

Our Money Masters and their research teams evaluate public companies in order to buy the stocks and bonds of those companies that best fit into their portfolios.

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") regulates all of the registered investment advisory firms (like RCA). For more information, please go to the SEC's website at