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R Channel®

Tune-in to our online learning channel for both video and audio events, financial education and lifestyle scenarios created to inspire and inform the R Generation.

- Learn how changes on Wall Street and Main Street can impact your retirement assets.
- Understand the secrets to saving money on taxes and passing your estate to your family heirs.
- Listen to real-life stories, experiences and case studies provided by Alan Spector and Keith
  Lawerence, authors of Your Retirement Quest.

Watch and listen to a brief presentations on general financial topics
filled with facts, figures, trends, and fundamentals:

Retirement in 10 Minutes or Less
Tax Strategies in 10 Minutes or Less
Financial Management in 10 Minutes or Less
Estate Conservation in 10 Minutes or Less
Long-Term Care in 10 Minutes or Less

Our library of iMoney ideas is built on the concept that short lessons
can teach a lot about personal finance.

Retirement Vision: Is your picture in focus?
Inside an Annuity: Immediate or deferred—There's no right answer
The Latte Habit: How little things can add up over time
Confidence: Does your confidence rise and fall with the stock market?
The 75% Factor: How much money will you bring to retirement?