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Only 46% of U.S. workers have tried to determine how much they will need to save for a comfortable retirement.1
Source 1) Employee Benefit Research Institute, 2010

How much retirement income will you need? Should you refinance your mortgage?  How much life insurance is enough?  What type of IRA is right for you?

Our financial calculators are designed as educational tools to help you estimate answers to common financial questions. They are not intended to predict future returns or results. Simply click on one of the general financial topics below and you'll find a selection of easy-to-use calculators about related financial topics.

Loans & Credit Cards
Home Affordability

Loan Payoff
Mortgage Refinancing
Mortgage Acceleration
Credit Card Debt
Lease Interest
Lease Payment
Car Affordability

Estate Planning
Estate Taxes

Retirement & Inflation
Cost of Retirement
Minimum Distributions
Impact of Inflation
Early Distribution
Personal Inflation Rate
Portfolio Lifespan

Taxes & IRAs
Federal Income Tax
Tax-Deffered Savings
IRA Eligibility
Roth IRA Conversion

Cash Management
Cash Flow Analysis
Net Worth
Lifetime Earnings
Financial IQ Test

Saving & Investing
Risk Tolerance
College Funding
Savings Goals
Savings Accumulations
Taxable Equivalent Yield
Capital Gains Taxes

Risk Management
Life Insurance
Life Expectancy
LT Care Insurance
LTCI Cost of Waiting
Disability Insurance