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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Comfort Stock?

A: We coined the term Comfort Stocks to describe investments that provide clients with peace of mind over a long period. These Comfort Stocks, which clients know and trust, possess a number of common characteristics including market leadership, global diversification, high liquidity, proven leadership, and a history of consistent sales growth and product innovation.

In order to be selected as a Comfort Stock by RCA, a company must first pass a series of quantitative screens. This stock screening process helps the RCA Portfolio Management Team narrow the list of potential blue chip companies by eliminating stocks with financial characteristics that are below our target.

The second stock screen applies a more subjective, qualitative set of tests:

• Is this a company easily recognized by our clients?

• Is the company's business model and product easy to understand?

• Are the employees of this company motivated to succeed?

• What is the likelihood that this company will still exist in 10 years?

By considering the results of both qualitative and quantitative screens, we narrow our final investment list of Comfort Stocks to less than 20 companies. Our objective is to pick the best of the best. That way, when you go to sleep at night you'll get a peaceful rest!

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