The Retirement Corporation of America

Family Master Plan®

A Family Master Plan is the key to our Retire in Comfort Program. A Family Master Plan is tailored to the specific needs of each client family. Prior to providing advisory services, RCA ascertains each client’s investment goals and objectives. RCA then allocates and/or recommends that the client allocate investment assets consistent with the client's designated investment objective.

And as life changes, we are positioned to react to that change.  Each client portfolio is measured, monitored and adjusted, as needed, on a regular basis. Clients are regularly encouraged to contact RCA immediately if there are any changes to their financial situation or investment objectives or if you wish to impose, add or modify any reasonable restrictions to our investment management services.

A Family Master Plan includes:

•    A budget outlining the income needed
•    Clearly defined risk parameters—measured daily
•    Realistic performance targets—measured daily
•    Clearly defined roles of advisory accountability
•    Clearly defined compliance checks and balances
•    ClearView Reporting System

Each Family Master Plan may also incorporate tax planning, insurance planning, cash flow and budget planning and estate planning from independent outside service providers.