The Retirement Corporation of America

Money Masters Online Program™

The Money Masters Online Program is designed for individuals who desire to use the Internet as the primary channel of interaction with our firm.

Clients in this program will enter their profile information online, including details such as amount of account funding, investment objectives, risk tolerance, investment time horizon, age, employment status, and likelihood of significant withdrawals from the account. Prior to delivering investment advisory services, an advisory representative from RCA will review each client’s specific investment objective. Then RCA portfolio managers will recommend an allocation model for the client’s investment assets consistent with the designated investment objective and profile information submitted by the client online to our firm. RCA will recommend one of six Money Masters Portfolios with asset allocation models ranging from relatively conservative to relatively aggressive.

In the order moving from most conservative to most aggressive, the Money Masters Portfolios recommended to clients are known as Income, Income Plus, Balanced, Balanced Plus, Growth and Growth Plus.

ClearView Reports summarizing your current asset allocation, transactions and current holdings can be accessed at any time online through the client portal website.

To learn more, we encourage you to access the Money Masters website at:

Note: Certain services provided through The R Account are not available to Money Masters Online Program clients and Money Masters 401(k) Program clients.